The Fight for Life, Love, Inclusion, and Fair & Equal Access with Dr. Brooke Ellison, PhD

Dr. Brooke Ellison

[Episode 108 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast]

Dr. Brooke Ellison, PhD joins the Intentional Clinician Podcast to discuss her new book Look Both Ways, as well as her life, including how 30+ years of living with quadriplegia has shaped her views on many subjects, a society of exclusion and working for inclusion, family members and friends who care for those with disabilities, human rights and value, structural functionalist models, the infantilization of people living with disabilities, trauma, the gift of sensitivity, love, and a sense of humor

Dr. Brooke Ellison, PhD and Paul Krauss MA LPC have an open and honest chat about how her struggles can motivate people to get active in making a real impact in the lives of others and the greater community.

At age 11, Brooke Ellison was hit by a car, an accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down and ventilator-dependent. Ten years later, she graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a degree in cognitive neuroscience. At 23, she penned Miracles Happen, a memoir that was adapted into a movie, The Brooke Ellison Story, directed by Christopher Reeve. Brooke went on to earn a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and a PhD in sociology from Stony Brook University. Today, at 42, she is a tenured professor at Stony Brook.

In her newest memoir-cum-sociological-analysis, Look Both Ways, Brooke returns to the story of her remarkable life, centering herself in a broader conversation about personal struggle, public policy, and what it means to be human. She reflects upon 31 years as a woman with ventilator-dependent quadriplegia. She writes frankly about her day-to-day frustrations but also lyrically about her belief that people possess the strength and grit to “fight back when we feel all is lost.”

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