What it means to be a Man and how it affects all of us

Men in Therapy: What it means to be a Man and how it affects all of us with Rick Miller LICSW [Episode 40 of the Intentional Clinician Podcast]

Paul Krauss MA LPC speaks with Rick Miller LICSW about Men in Therapy: What it means to be a Man in the United States at this particular time in history. Paul and Rick discuss their own experiences growing up male and how the multiple viewpoints on masculinity have led to confusion in many men and the greater culture. Rick Miller shares some of his techniques to help men who are entering therapy, and even more commonly–men who are averse to trying therapy or counseling. Rick Miller discusses the various ways in which he works with both gay and heterosexual men in therapy. Rick Miller and Paul Krauss discuss how stereotypes of Men and males are actually not helping men become a part of the “great conversation.”  Rick shares insights on how to make therapy inviting to a more diverse group of men.

This episode covers the difficulties of males learning new ways to communicate effectively and feel their feelings in a holistic way. Rick Miller discusses his personal experience of being a gay man and what that has meant to his personal and professional journey. Paul and Rick talk about how expectations from the greater cultural narrative can consciously and unconsciously affect a man’s sense of what it is to be a man. Paul and Rick talk about the multitude of benefits that men will reap if they decide to invest in their own therapy. Both therapists offer tips for men to improve themselves as well as clinicians who are working with men and much much more! Rick Miller and Paul Krauss hope that you enjoy this unedited conversation.

Rick Miller, psychotherapist and author, has served on the faculty for The International Society of Hypnosis, The Milton Erickson Foundation, The Brief Therapy Conference, The Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, The American Group Psychotherapy Association, The Couples Conference and Harvard Medical School. He is the author of Unwrapped: Integrative Therapy With Gay Men… the Gift of Presence (Zeig, Tucker & Theisen, 2014) and Mindfulness Tools for Gay Men In Therapy(PESI, 2016). His Psychology Today blog is Unwrapped: Mind Body Wisdom and the Modern Gay Man. He is also the Executive Director and Executive Producer for Gay Sons and Mothers, a nonprofit organization that explores and chronicles the complex bond between gay sons and their mothers. He was awarded The Greatest Contribution to Social Work Practice by the MA chapter of National Association of Social Workers in 2018.

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