Why learning about Substance Use is important for Therapists with Betsy Byler, MA LPC

[Episode 68 of The Intentional Clinician Podcast]

On this episode of The Intentional Clinician Podcast, Paul Krauss MA LPC interviews Betsy Byler MA LPC. Betsy is passionate about helping individuals with substance abuse issues move towards recovery and take control of their lives. She noticed that her graduate training did not provide a robust substance abuse treatment training protocol, so her current mission is to educate early career licensed mental health professionals about substance abuse so they can give their clients the best treatment available. Betsy wants her educational materials to be fun and engaging rather than dry, and she has chosen to focus on the most important aspects of substance abuse rather than irrelevant details that overwhelm clinicians. Betsy reminds the audience that recovery looks different for everyone. Therapists show acceptance for their clients and teach them that their road to recovery doesn’t have to fit a certain mold. As someone who has been through recovery herself, Betsy shares how therapists can use their clinical skills and enhance them through what she has learned anecdotally and what the current substance abuse research has to offer.

Betsy Byler, MA, LPC-SAS, ICS, LPCC is a mental health therapist, substance abuse counselor and clinical supervisor. After serving as the director of an agency, she moved into private practice in 2019 and continued seeing clients for treatment of trauma and substance abuse. In the fall of 2020, she launched a podcast called All Things Substance aimed at helping therapists gain the information they need to add substance use to their scope of practice.



Betsy Byler, MA, LPC-SAS, ICS, LPCC
Mental Health Therapist, Substance Abuse Counselor, Clinical Supervisor
Host of the All Things Substance Podcast

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