The Intentional Clinician Podcast

hosted by Paul Krauss MA LPC

Bold Unedited Discussions on Psychology, Philosophy, Therapy, and Change. Entertaining and informative talks explore psychology and philosophy with a variety of guests including authors, doctors, healers, professors, therapists, scientists and more. We delve into everything from modern therapeutic techniques to ancient wisdom practices, offering practical and unique approaches to living a vibrant life. Host Paul Krauss, MA LPC, draws on his unique background – from a rural motel childhood to big-city experiences, and working with diverse populations. This trauma-informed therapist combines science with a touch of mysticism, for truly thought-provoking episodes. Opposing ideas unite – delve deeper and explore new ways of thinking! Forget the status quo, this podcast embraces deconstruction and variety.
The Intentional Clinician Podcast​

The Intentional Clinician

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