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A Guide To Using Your Insurance for Counseling Services

Dec 26, 2017
A Guide To Using Your Health Insurance for Counseling Services When to Utilize Insurance For Counseling Services Many people want to utilize their insurance when…

A New Health Care Resource for Grand Rapids, Michigan

The team at Health for Life Counseling Grand Rapids has created an easy to use website for the people of Grand Rapids called

A Therapeutic Relationship with Yourself

Cultivating a Therapeutic Relationship with Your Mind and Body [Episode 12 of The Intentional Clinician] Paul Krauss, MA LPC is a therapist at Health for…

A Fall Perspective or SAD

Oct 17, 2017
A Fall Perspective or SAD Ahhh, smell the crisp air, the burning leaves and the awareness that holiday celebrations and new beginnings are on the…

Poetry Changes Everything

Oct 16, 2017
Poetry Changes Everything [Episode 10 of the Intentional Clinician] In this episode, I interview Marcel "Fable" Price, the current Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids, Michigan.…

What is hypnosis? Frequently Asked Questions

Oct 08, 2017
What is hypnosis? And Other Frequently Asked Questions about Hypnosis by 

From Fragmentation to Wholeness

From Fragmentation to Wholeness [Episode 9 of the Intentional Clinician podcast] In this solo episode, Paul Krauss MA LPC (Counseling in Grand Rapids, MI) discusses…

Interesting Psychology: The “Doorway Effect”

Sep 28, 2017
Have you ever been in your living room and thought “Man I really want a cookie.” Then you stand up and walk through to the…

Emotionally Supporting Your Child with Anxiety [1 of 6]

Jul 27, 2017
Are you a parent struggling to support your child with anxiety? Are you unsure of how to support them when they are overwhelmed? Are you…

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