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Family therapy in Grand Rapids looks to reduce conflict and distress between family members and better overall interactions inside the family. It is a form of psychotherapy that is used by the therapist. Family counseling often looks to see all family members that are being affected by a conflict, but sometimes it is not fully necessary. Many times, family counseling focuses on the patterns or systems that need change to better the family relationship. This is what makes it different than individual counseling. By channeling in on the system of the family, the therapist can work to strengthen the family. “Strengths based treatment” is often what family counseling is called because it works with the family as a whole and not necessarily the individual people in the family. 

What is Family Therapy?

Family Therapy in Grand Rapids

The aspect of family counseling is to work with the entire family to address specific needs and issues. It focuses on the health of the family, including the psychological health, mental health, and any life transitions that may be affecting the family. Having the family work together collaboratively to solve the problems regarding the family is one focus. Families face many hardships together, including things like financial hardships, death in the family, stressful events going on, divorce, and many other factors that may have a strain on the relationships in the family.

Family therapy in Grand Rapids is also good for families who are struggling with mental health. It can be challenging for a family to face mental issues that impact the entire family. Many health-related issues can cause harm to a family including substance abuse, chronic illness, depression, and anxiety, as well as issues regarding communication, like interpersonal conflicts and behavioral problems in children and teens. Many families face these issues, but they do not need to face them alone. Find the right family therapy in Grand Rapids today.

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